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K-PACT International


“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

– Matthew 5:15-


K-Pact International is a non-profit organization which focuses on worldwide missions and evangelism through:

K: Seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness
P: Provide food, medical, and educational services
A: Assist local Christians to enrich their life in their faith
C: Create business opportunities with job trainings
T: Train Christian men and women into full-time ministry

K-PACT International was formed with one mission in mind: to equip the local Christians to SHINE FOR JESUS.

Words from Peter & Sarianne Trinh



Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord! Finally, we can communicate with y’all! We have so much to share with you about how wonderful and amazing of God’s work is on the field. How exciting it is to be able see so many lives change because of His Son, Jesus Christ.

We moved from Texas, US to Hong Kong in June, 2007. There are 2 reasons for this strategic move; to be closer to China & Indonesia, and also to attend the Kupang ministry (Indonesia) and the TKI (Indonesian domestic helpers) ministry (Hong Kong).

It is our goal to share with you from now on in a regular basis. Of course, your suggestions and testimonies are important to us as well and we want to hear from you. Please also continue to pray for us, for the Kupang ministry, the Chinese churches here and for the salvation of these 120,000 TKI in HK. May all the glory be given to our Father in heaven.

Your ministry partners in Christ,

Peter & Sarianne Trinh