About K-PACT

K-PACT was formed with one mission in mind: to equip the local Christians to SHINE FOR JESUS.

K-PACT stands for:

K: Seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness
P: Provide food, medical, and educational services
A: Assist local Christians to enrich their life in their faith
C: Create business opportunities with job trainings
T: Train Christian men and women into full-time ministry

Each year, K-PACT works with churches and Christian organizations around the world providing and leading numerous mission trip opportunities to Kupang to provide dental and medical care, along with:

1. Our Food/Medical/Education Program roughly cost around $19,200 annually. Since September of 2005, we have a team traveling 5 days every week to one of the 6 locations in Kupang to provide them food, medicine and Bible studies.

2. Our annual budget for our Children Home is around $43,800 annually. This amount is based on the monthly cost of providing for 1 child ($60), salary for a caretaker ($150), and administration ($500). The goal of this ministry is to raise 40 children in a Christian home environment, and to prepare them for ministry. Currently, have build the House of Hope, which houses about 30 children in Kupang.

3. We need to start building community/worship centers or facilities for them to worship, learn and play.

4. We need to start providing learning/training facilities by providing business workshops, scholarships, libraries, and computers.

In 2007, K-PACT began to focus on another great mission opportunity, focusing on serving the TKI & TKW (Indonesian domestic workers) in Hong Kong.

Our administration base in US currently functions to fund raise and communicate our visions and share our passions with churches and communities all over the country. We aim to continue to help the Indonesians in Kupang, Hong Kong, and beyond to glorifiy God’s name and serve His people in need.


2 Responses to “About K-PACT”

  1. Klaudius Sonopa,a Says:

    Puji Tuhan.
    K-ACT Telah membantu saya untuk membeli 4 unit komputer untuk menyelenggarakan kursus komputer pada Yayasan Mutiara kasih Kupang. Kini setelah 3 tahun bantuan diberikan, Yayasan Mutiara Kasih Kupang telah membeli 10 unit Komputer Baru.
    Tujuan dari pembelian Komputer baru ini yaitu untuk pelatihan komputer bagi mereka dibimbing melalui Yayasan ini maupun masyarakat umum agar dapat bekerja dan melayani melalui keterampilan menggunakan komputer baik di perusahaan-perusahaan maupun untuk kepentingan pendidikan.

    Doa saya, kiranya Tuhan terus memberkati Pak Peter sebagai Ketua K-PACT Internasional dan Pak Tatit sebagai Ketua K-PACT Indonesia-Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur.
    Tuhan Memberkati.

    Klaudius Sonopa’a
    Ketua Yayasan Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia MUTIARA KASIH KUPANG.

  2. Klaudius Sonopa,a Says:

    Kiranya K-PACT selalu Bersinar bagi Yesus di Kupang, Indonesia, Hongkong, Panama dan seluruh dunia.
    Klaudius Sonopa’a.

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