About Indonesia


Indonesia Statistics and Overview:

Islands: 17,000+
Population: 240,000,000
Chinese Population: 12,000,000+ (5%)
Population Annual Growth Rate: 1.3%
Languages/Dialects: 725
Distance from East to West: 5,100 km (3,200 miles)
Religion: (All Indonesians are required to have a religion)
Muslims: 87%
Christians: 6%
Catholics: 3%
Hindu: 2%
Buddhist: 1%
Others: 1%

Perhaps one of the most recent tragic events that happened during the past few years in the world is the 2004 Tsunami in Southern Asia. The island of Aceh was impacted tremendously in this disaster as over 230,000 people were killed and about 500,000 were left homeless.


This heavy aftermath effects brought a lot of of international attention from countries around the world. Currently, there are over 300 non-profit organizations who are working in Indonesia as a direct result of the 2004 tsunami. More over, it also brought new and unprecedented ministries opportunity in Indonesia.


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