Hong Kong

The number of TKI (Indonesian Domestic Helpers) in Hong Kong has increased significantly since 1993 from about 20,000 to about 120,000 in 2008. There are over 120,000 TKI currently working in Hong Kong, and most of them came from Muslim background. If they remain in Indonesia, the chance for them to accept the Lord is almost zero. However, we are astonished of how many of them are finding their new Christian faith in HK. Away from the cultural pressure of their own families & communities, plus the religious freedom in HK are the main factors of this explosive evangelical opportunity. In April 24, 2008, over 350 people registered and attended the first “Indonesia Night” held at Yanfook Church, HK. Among the participants, there were 80+ pastors and ministers, representing 90+ HK Chinese churches. This event has started a new chapter of Indonesian ministry in HK. During this event, we introduced the 4-year “TKI-123” strategy:K-PACT is committed to our following missions in Hong Kong:

TKI – 123

1) Establish 10 care centers around Hong Kong. These care centers will provide language/computer learning, internet communications, social and relaxation programs. Currently, there are a number of Christian Support Facilities in HK: 12 TKI worships/fellowships center, 3 TKI care centers, and 2 TKI boarding houses.


2) 200 Christian TKI and missionaries to work in Hong Kong. 2 months ministry training which include trainings on personal evangelism, bible study leading, and counseling are provided. 3 months TKI job and skills trainings are also provided.

3) 3,000 new Christians. Pray for the 3,000 new TKI Christians. Disciple them in Christian living before they go back to Indonesia to Shine for Jesus!


We also minister to the estimate of 3,000 TKI who live in Macao with flexible working schedules and are waiting for visa renewal/employment. We will be needing Indonesian ministers/boarding houses/care and counseling centers. We are currently working with many local churches in Hong Kong in establishing more ways to outreach to these workers. We also promote a few events and distribute a few free publications (Manga Mesias & Semangat Baru – bimonthly publication).


One Response to “Hong Kong”

  1. Cecilia Chau Says:

    Good morning Sir/ Madam,

    I saw a pocket size 2010 calendar with Bible verse from your organization at one of the agency days ago. I am just wondering if you can mail me 1-2 so I can share with my Indonesia helper at home. Would be great if you organization would have one for 2011. Would be great if you can get back to me and kindly advise if there are any Christian gatherings in Kowloon area so my helper could attend? My helper is a Muslim but would be great if she can learn more about Jesus.

    Also, regarding to the “Indonesia Night” held at Yanfook Church mentioned in your website, may I know if is the Yanfook church that located in Lai Chi Kok? Will you know if they have any Indonesian gatherings by any chance?


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